Decision Point #2

9 thoughts on “Decision Point #2”

  1. It fascinates me how much we have in common. Either I’m a female version of you – some part of a mystical force that Earth apllies to keep things in balance – or I was lead to your site so I can read and see I’m not the only one like me. Are you still a teacher?

    1. We are more alike than we are different. Where is that quote from? Lol. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason, and you were led to my site for a reason. I’m glad you were. And yes, I am still teaching.

      1. Good for you. It’s something I prefer not to tell people I do. That’s my decision on the table… what will I do in June to pay the bills when the school year is over?

      2. I super hate my job so much, they would have to double my salary to get me to do it in the summer, too. I used to teach year round… but that was a little too tense of an environment. These past 2 summers were my time to be me! I have gotten to do some wonderful things on my time off.

      3. I enjoy working the summer because it’s a completely different environment and population. I teach college during the school year and middle schoolers during summer school.

      4. That’s a huge difference! That kind of change could be refreshing. I work in a teacher’s store during the summer. I love it because I can do my job, finish tasks, help people and leave everything there when it’s time to go home.

      5. It is refreshing to do something completely different. Plus, I get to teach in a group of six other teachers in summer school, so being one of a group making it even more interesting and different. It sounds like you’ve found a great summer job that allows you to refresh your batteries, so to speak, as well!

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