Front of the Bus

4 thoughts on “Front of the Bus”

  1. The school bus. Source of much anguish.
    I laughed about the front of bus. I remember being jealous that we weren’t allowed to sit in the back (in the days of segregation).

  2. Use the phrases “least restrictive environment” and “access to general education peers” in situations such as these. I hate to say it, but you are on a long road of facing these battles. Your daughter has a right to socialize with peers who do not have disabilities. It sounds like you already know that. But if they force her to sit away from her peers, they are restricting her environment, which is illegal. You can actually have them write in the IEP that she will have access unstructured time with general education peers such as on the bus, field trips, lunch, PE, etc. Ideally, you shouldn’t have to. But unfortunately we still live in a world full of ignorance.

      1. Any time. The only way access to general education peers can be restricted is if it is written in the IEP and you (or tour wife) give consent with your signature. It will be harder as she gets to middle school and high school because they will want to put her in life skills – which is a highly restrictive environment away from general education peers. I’m hoping they don’t try to pull that this early in the game. Just keep lobbying for least restrictive and access to general education peers.

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