How Many Steps

5 thoughts on “How Many Steps”

  1. Good luck! I love my Fitbit! I’ve only had it a few months but it has proven to be good motivation. I love getting everything green on it, hitting all the goals I set up for myself. Which Fitbit do you have? I have the One, someday hope to get the one with a heart rate monitor though.

    1. I have the FitBit flex and it seems to be simple to program and watch those goals pass by. I think I’m already addicted to it. Earlier tonight I was going up and down the stairs just to get in some Extra steps. Thanks for the encouragement. It is much-loved appreciated. We should be FitBit buddies.

  2. I love my Fitbit! Actually, I’m on my second after my first broke down. I’ve been wearing one for 2.5 years now. 😀 It definitely makes it more appealing to park further away and just get extra steps wherever I can.

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