Dear Journal: I Miss Keyshia Cole

Keyshia-Cole-Just-Like-YouDear Journal,

I miss Keyshia Cole. Whenever I had a long day I would sit down with my iPod, click down the wheel, and crank up “Heaven Sent” like it was… heaven sent. But with the implosion of my iPod and the gradual rebuild that goes along with it, I don’t have my Keyshia Cole fix when I need it. And don’t tell me about Spotify because we’re at odds right now. I have the song in my head, though, because it never leaves.That’s what Keyshia Cole does for me. Somehow. Her voice like an angel soothing my jangled nerves.

“When love won’t let you walk away, when you can’t help who you love…and you find yourself giving it away when you think you’re in love.”

I found her by accident, too, the album cover calling out to me when I was browsing at the library one day. So I picked up the Keyshia-Cole-Point-of-No-ReturnCD and I was pleasantly surprised at the instant connection I felt to her beautiful voice. Maybe it’s because at the time I was probably just as lost as I am now, and I was searching for something to connect with, or perhaps it was just that the words spoke to me in a way I wasn’t able to express myself at the time. Regardless of what it was, it was perfect timing, and I’ve loved her ever since.

So yeah, I gave in and I’m listening to her now on Spotify. I think I need to find her albums somewhere so I can listen to them without all this streaming, or whatever you call it. I like to have the physical music, so I know I own it, so I know it won’t just disappear on me someday, like it somehow did. I miss Keyshia because I felt like she would always be there for me, and through no fault of her own she isn’t, not now when I need her the most. Maybe all of this happened to teach me a lesson about reliance on physical things, to show me that thoughts, feelings, and connections are most important.

Or maybe it’s all just a big problem that needs fixing, and a bigger hard drive might solve it so I can have my Keyshia back again. Even if she doesn’t miss me quite as much as I’ve missed her.



One thought on “Dear Journal: I Miss Keyshia Cole

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  1. music can be so powerful when it is something that we can connect to. I feel that same way about Blue October and I’d be very bummed out if I couldm’t listen to them on the way home from work! I hope you find her again soon!

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