These Shriveled Roots

5 thoughts on “These Shriveled Roots”

  1. You also wrote a post about your experience influencing readers to think about the history of slavery. Speaking to people or marching againt those ills have their place but if you not a extrovert or vocal in person educating yourself is just as important. Imagine if everyone watches a documentary or read a story or article then digs deeper. Soon, we start thinking, talking, moving and we may have some violent protest but that is for another article.

    1. I can be quite vocal when I have a bee in my bonnet. But I agree that education is important. Too many people don’t read or become educated in the facts of history. It’s sad really.

      1. It is very sad. I always say if you do care about your past, you are “dooming” your future. We have to instill that value in infants so they will grow with that hunger to know. I talk the ears off my family and friends about the history I know. I teach and encourage the children in my family that History is just as important as Business and I do it with love and bias :D.

  2. I agree that it is all about the personal journey Sam. That is the path that all the greats have taken and the path that everyone must take to truly realize. Good luck on your journey

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