I Got A Pit Bull Now

3 thoughts on “I Got A Pit Bull Now”

  1. Very well said. I have seen, online, a pizza making machine. It kneeds thr dough and everything. But think about it, we carry computers in our pocket, can contact anyone, anywhere, at any time; that is wonderous. Though, at the same time, our technological advancements have increased our stress and anxiety and decreased our patience and, in some, our ability at rational and critical thought. Technology is also affecting transactive memory. We no longer have to remember things individually and as a group. There was a time when a question could be asked and one person would offer an answer, then another would add more information. Now, you will actually see an entire group whip out their phones or tablets to look up the answer. Seems the more we advance, the less advancement we make. Don’t get me wrong, you know I love technology, I just wonder sometimes how better off we really are.

    1. I think we became so reliant on technology that it has crippled us. I completely agree when you talk about asking a question aloud in the old days, and now with all the phones coming out at once. I’m reminded of the time my wife asked me what the weather was like. I was standing right next to the window but instead of looking outside I took out my phone to check.

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