Dear Journal: The 1st Day

Dear Journal,

My two girls headed off to school today for the first time as students in the same school, Alexa off to third grade and Madeline entering school as a kindergartner. And I’ll admit I was a bit apprehensive for both them and for myself. It’s all about potential in the end, I have decided, their potential to do well, balanced against the potential of those in the school to motivate and assist them in that process.

Organizationally we are right there. Madeline has an IEP and a special folder that travels between home and school, a conversation of sorts between us and them. It’s probably a better conversation that most parents get with instructors about their children. But it’s all about keeping up, and while it might be easy on the first day, what about the 70th, or the 162nd? It’s hard to maintain standards over a long period of time. That’s one thing that has me apprehensive.

Then there’s Alexa, and for her the sky’s the limit, but she tends to get into trouble when the structure isn’t there. It doesn’t surprise me, but I think too many others get caught up in her ability and forget that when she’s not challenged is when she often finds herself doing things she shouldn’t. Perhaps it might help to have a traveling itinerary and correspondence for her as well. I’ve thought about that lately. 3rd grade would be a good place to start.

I love my children, but I am not blind to their needs and shortcomings. What I want most from school is assistance to help them grow into capable young ladies who can think for themselves but who also understand the need sometimes for help. I want every school day to be like the first day, when they’re both energized and excited to be there, and to learn. I want the system to be maintained throughout the school year, like a safety net if they start to wobble. I need that because otherwise I’ll be insanely worried all day every day.

Okay, so I’ll be worried anyway, but every day when they get home and I can find out just how exciting and full of possibility each day has been, I’ll be able to breathe a little easier.



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