The Fate of Clothing

6 thoughts on “The Fate of Clothing”

    1. That’s the big question, isn’t it? If I give them a big fanfare that proves they’re still important to me, right? Or is it like a memorial service. Remembering their positive qualities, and the positive memories they embodied? Then sending them off to a “better place.” Or just saying I’ve paid them homage in writing and that’s enough? While I take the time to ponder the possibilities I’ll just hang on to them.

      1. You could always give them away to someone who can make use of the fabric. Think of it this way, by giving them away you’re allowing them to be reborn, you give them a purpose in life which is way better than sitting in your closet being consumed by bugs and collecting dust. I know how difficult it is to let go of things but we can’t hold on to everything forever.

  1. Now I’m going to be singing ‘let it go’ to myself all night. Wait, now I’m singing it aloud. Oh no, now I’m doing the actions. My son has just joined in. When will it end? (Probably with Frozen 2?)

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