Dear Journal: One Pair of Jeans

Dear Journal, I have one pair of jeans for some reason or other. A while ago I had three, and two were blue jeans while one was black. Only the black survived. I dread the day it wears thin or springs a hole in an opportune place because it’s so hard for me to find … Continue reading Dear Journal: One Pair of Jeans

Dressed in Black

I remember the oddest things sometimes. A woman wearing all black came through my cashier line at Target yesterday, and she was purchasing another all-black outfit, so of course I had to comment on her clothing choice… Me: That color brings out your eyes. All-Black Girl: It is pretty easy to accessorize in the mornings. … Continue reading Dressed in Black


It’s that time of year again… for the changing of the wardrobe. You know how it is, when you try to stretch those t-shirts into 40 degree weather, and you pretend you’re not freezing, despite the goosebumps all over your arms. Maybe you ditched the shorts, but maybe not, and if not, then goosebumps there … Continue reading Change