Checked Out: Week 24

city_of_heavenly_fire_by_grodansnagel-d6cyo1bWell, I’ll readily admit that I haven’t had much time for reading this week, what with my daughter’s preschool graduation, both of my children finishing school for the year, renewing old friendships, and writing a lot towards my new novel. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t read at all. I did get in some in-between time reading, which is sometimes the best because it means I have to focus more with such a small window of time to do it in.

That focus helped me to make some progress in the three books I’m reading right now, but particularly in the final book of the Mortal Instruments series that I’m reading on my Nook. I even got to talk about it a little bit with a work friend of mine who is reading the same book (but is about 50 pages behind me at the moment).

Here’s what I have Checked Out:

  1. City of Heavenly Fire, by Cassandra Clare. The book starts off with a bang, a declaration of war, but who really wants it? And what will be its eventual outcome? The cast of characters has expanded, yet the central ones are still the centerpiece of this novel so far. The descriptions and the interactions are what I enjoy the most about this series, and so far they have continued. I’m a little over a hundred pages in, and I still have no idea how it’s going to end. To me that means something.
  2. The Gordian Knot, by Bernhard Schlink. This has become my bedtime book (I always have to have one), and as such I haven’t been able to make too much headway in it, but it’s reminding me so much of Nicholson Baker’s The Anthologist so far. They both have these scuffling male protagonists who need some good turn to happen in their lives, but when it seemingly comes they can’t help but question it. I like the book but it’s due back at the library soon.
  3. The Enemy, by Lee Child. This seventh book in the Jack Reacher series takes us back in time to when Reacher was a major in the army, the first book to entirely take place in the past. It brings back characters who have died in Reacher’s present and gives us a look at them when they were alive, and I enjoy the interactions. Of course there’s also a death/series of deaths he has to investigate, as usual, and that keeps the action going.

I’m still waiting for Top Secret Twenty-One, the next book in the Stephanie Plum series, to come in for me from the library, but that can wait for the moment. The book I’m really most interested in reading next is The Silkworm, the next one in the Robert Galbraith Cormoran Strike series (really written by J.K. Rowling). If I get that book in next, it will be the one that I read by itself. I still want to do that at some point here since I haven’t read just one book at a time in it seems like a millennia.

I also found out last night that hopefully Elude, the second book in C. Miller’s Reave series, will be released on July 14th, so a little over two weeks to go to be able to read that one!

Happy reading to you too!


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