The Publishing Aftermath

Upon finishing and publishing a book I always have mixed feelings. On one hand I’m excited to get it out there in the world, and on the other… it’s out there in the world. That means my words, my characters, my imaginary, private world is now very much public. I loved getting to know them … Continue reading The Publishing Aftermath

300 Writing Prompts: #30

“Write about something you purchased used.” When I was in college I bought a lot of used stuff, not the least of which were books, CDs, and video tapes. There was just something about being entertained that appealed to me, and that still does today. Only today there are less used items around here because … Continue reading 300 Writing Prompts: #30

Checked Out: Week 27

Wouldn’t you know it? Two days after I got Top Secret Twenty-One, the other book I’ve been dying to read (Galbraith’s The Silkworm) arrived at the library for me. That of course should have created a dilemma for me, but amazingly enough it didn’t because both are so interesting I’ve been alternating back and forth … Continue reading Checked Out: Week 27

Checked Out: Week 26

I finally got it! Yes, the new Stephanie Plum mystery arrived lock, stock and smoking barrels into the Utica Public Library for me. I honestly thought that with such a long waiting list I would still be waiting when school started up again in the fall, so for me this is like Christmas in July! … Continue reading Checked Out: Week 26