popular book. poor writing.

A friend of mine wrote about the fickle nature of what authors get read more than others, of how some lesser writers can develop cult-like followings, even though their writing isn’t up to par with the masters of the pen (proverbial so much more now than it used to be). Perhaps it’s the genre, or … Continue reading popular book. poor writing.

Six For Saturday

Today started off rather inauspiciously, as days go, with a huge surprise that changed the trajectory of the day, and that was just at work. For those new to my journal, I work as the perishables assistant at Target, which means I deal with all the highly perishable food like fresh produce, meat, and bakery … Continue reading Six For Saturday

Checked Out: Week 27

Wouldn’t you know it? Two days after I got Top Secret Twenty-One, the other book I’ve been dying to read (Galbraith’s The Silkworm) arrived at the library for me. That of course should have created a dilemma for me, but amazingly enough it didn’t because both are so interesting I’ve been alternating back and forth … Continue reading Checked Out: Week 27