Checked Out: Week 23

4 thoughts on “Checked Out: Week 23”

  1. I’ll warn you, Sam…
    Given we’re having a different commenting back-and-forth about this very thing…
    I had to stop reading TMI halfway through book five. In my opinion, it should have been left off at book three (like it was initially).
    I will cross my fingers that you don’t agree with me and can enjoy the rest of it.
    (And I love TID, by the way.)

    1. I agreed at first until I read book five and realized just what she was doing with the series. I like the setup going into this final book especially after reading the Infernal Devices.

      1. I just couldn’t stand Clary anymore. That’s pretty much why I had to stop. Such a shame too, because I liked her initially.
        LOVED TID. Loved.

      2. If you don’t enjoy your heroine anymore that would be the time to stop reading the series. I’ve usually got a morbid fascination with characters like that though. It’s the only way I finished Allegiant.

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