Six For Saturday

six_lgIt’s amazing that even though February is the shortest month of the year, March has flown by very quickly this year. With only a couple of days remaining in the month, though, it still doesn’t look like spring outside. As I look out of my window I see patches of snow on the lawn, but it has been receding of late, a positive sign. It did get down to 7 degrees yesterday, but it’s supposed to get up to 50 tomorrow. Global climate change? Perhaps. Or maybe that’s just good old upstate New York.

Here are my Six For Saturday:

  1. I’ve gotten back to the new novel I’m writing. I started it in summer, but then got caught up in promoting my second novel, and I recently returned to it. It’s interesting what perspective a few months break gives a writer. But I’m back into the flow of the story and the characters, which makes me feel for the first time that perhaps I have material enough to work with for a series. We’ll see.
  2. We are trying something different here when it comes to laundry, utilizing a rack in the front room in order to save energy from overuse of the dryer, which we had gotten into. Not only does it save energy, but it extends the life of the dryer. It just takes a bit more personal time when we hang the clothes individually on the rack, and it has been quite a switch, but the only things we dry in the dryer anymore are the towels and sheets. I can’t wait for the weather to break so we can put things on the line outside again.
  3. Frozen was an amazing movie in the classic Disney tradition. I agree with the people who said that it’s a return to form for Disney, after somewhat lackluster films like Planes. It’s funny, though, because we got the blu-ray version with the digital download, and the girls were so excited to be able to have the movie on their iPads. It took me ages, though, to clear space on Alexa’s iPad, and she begged me about getting it done so she could have Frozen. Then, of course, ever since I finally got it on there she hasn’t watched it. Head being scratched.
  4. I’ve been branching out at work this week, too, doing everything from setting sales planners, to participating in organizational meetings, to leading a “freshness Friday,” to backstocking tons of merchandise as a result of setting the sales planners. I even backed up the front lanes as a cashier when needed. There’s never a dull moment at Target.
  5. My bracket is completely busted now for March Madness with the losses of Virginia and especially Louisville last night. I had predicted that Louisville would repeat as national champions but they lost a close one to Kentucky while Virginia failed to defeat Michigan State. Another year down where that’s concerned, and it was one of my worst brackets ever, but I’m not feeling defeatist. Next year will be better.
  6. I’m afraid of deer. One of them showed up on the front lawn and freaked me out. Heidi claims the deer is more afraid of me than I am of the deer, but I can’t help thinking that deer weighs a TON, and if it sat on me I wouldn’t around much longer. Yeah, I’m definitely still a city boy.


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