Six For Saturday

six_lgToday was my sixth straight day working, and my brain is just a little fried with the lack of a break, but I have made progress with several endeavors outside of work. I also dealt with some personal issues, ate quite a bit of cheesecake, exercised a lot to work that off, and got a Facebook update on my phone. On top of that random people keep following me on Pinterest, even though I have only pinned two things to my board. Hmmmm.

Here are my Six For Saturday:

  1. Last night was the Down syndrome banquet, taking place conveniently enough on World Down Syndrome Awareness Day (3.21). The date was significant because of the other name for Down syndrome (Trisomy 21), named for the extra chromosome copy of chromosome 21. It was amazing to see so many members of the 21 Club there celebrating those close to us who have Down syndrome with a fun time.
  2. I tried reading The Goldfinch, by Donna Tartt, for my book club that meets tomorrow night, but I had to stop around page 100 because of the insane excess of information in the 771-page book. It just strained my belief to think that someone 14 years later could remember the specific details that the protagonist does, and then relate them in graphic, grueling detail over the course of a couple of hours in real time, but that took over 100 pages to tell. The writing is good but tedious.
  3. My nephew is here for five days, which is always a fun time. The girls are excited to see him, and we are having a good time comparing March Madness brackets. It makes me think about when he was little and we had to explain board game rules to him, and now we are having intense discussions. It’s always interesting to think back, but he’s also looking ahead to college in the fall, and that’s just weird.
  4. Monday was St. Patrick’s Day, and I heard so many dissenting opinions about the holiday. Some people say it’s turned into a drunken bacchanal that has nothing whatsoever to do with St. Patrick or Irish history anymore, while others claim it is a good time to just wear green and celebrate that history. I didn’t drink at all on the day, and I wore my green. It doesn’t always have to be a fight.
  5. Putting puzzles together is still a whole lot of fun. I spent quite a bit of quality time with my youngest daughter putting together puzzles with her. It brought back memories of my mom taking time out of her busy schedule to put puzzles together with my sister and me. The smiles it brings to Maddie’s face, something so simple, it just warms my heart so much. I would do anything to keep seeing those smiles.
  6. We have Frozen. No, it’s not a reference to the semi-storm that hit on Thursday night, but instead it is the Disney film that everyone has been dying to see again and again. But we have never seen it. That will all change tonight, though, because it’s movie night. Homemade pizza and a great new Disney film: sounds like the recipe for a good evening staying home with the family.



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