Six For Saturday

six_lgIt’s the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day, and once again I’m pretending to be Irish, although I guess if you feel a certain way in your soul you can claim it, right? Well, at least I’m sticking to that so I can be Irish. That being said, I don’t eat corned beef, cabbage is just alright, and I hardly ever drink Guinness (even though Killian’s Irish Red is mm mm good). But I feel a kinship with the country itself, the language, the accent, the rolling hills, and the castles.

Oh, and green is my favorite color, U2 is my favorite band, and I was actually mistaken for an Irishman on the streets of Dublin once. I was honored by that one. Today is all about spending time with the family, though, and about finding some green clothing for my two girls to wear to school on Monday. For now, however, while waiting for movie night, I thought I would stop in and tell you about my Six For Saturday…

  1. My wife is incredible, checking out this really phenomenal book for me, called U2 By U2, from the library, and at first glance it looks like a huge picture book with photos of the band. It does have a ton of photos, but what it really contains is something far more interesting. It’s a history of the individual members of the band, told from the perspective of each of them, ranging from the early years to the most recent history as of 2012. It is amazing, and I will be sharing more of it in the next installment of Checked Out.
  2. I finally watched The Oscars (gotta love the glory of DVR), and I have to admit that Ellen DeGeneres truly is funny. She was ten times funnier than anyone else they’ve had host in about a dozen years, since the good old day of Billy Crystal I would even venture to say. That being said, I never checked out the selfie that went around the world. I was pleased to see U2 perform “Ordinary Love,” but was disappointed by the song from Despicable Me 2.
  3. There was a snowstorm this week on Wednesday and both of my girls got out early from school. It didn’t seem as bad to me while I was at work, but after picking up my youngest and heading home, it turned pretty bad. I’m lucky we made it home okay and that I was able to hole up here on Thursday while things cleared up.
  4. While I don’t watch college basketball as a general rule, that rule goes out the window this time of year because I’m getting ready for March Madness. Each year around this time I sign up for several brackets from several different places/websites/people I know, and I do my research first (since I don’t watch for most of the season). I actually do pretty well most years, considering, including last year when I made it to the Final Four in third place in one of my brackets.
  5. My good friend is in a play this weekend (and next, as well), which made me think about how cool it would be to do something creatively artistic like that, but then I thought about how little time I have for anything like that these days, what with writing my books and maintaining my blogs. It’s still nice to think about, though, and I’m so happy for her getting to do something so fulfilling.
  6. I finally got the results from my Goodreads giveaway of my second novel, The Absolute Contingency. It turns out that 738 people entered the giveaway during the course of the month. That just warms my heart, as an author, that enough people found my premise interesting enough to enter the contest to win a free autographed copy of it. It felt so good to sign those copies and package them up this morning!

The best thing about this week was getting to spend a bit more time with my daughters than I normally am afforded, and being off from work this entire weekend, an occurrence that is indeed rare. Now, back to the family movie.



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