Six For Saturday

six_lgIt’s funny how we all have interactions with others every day, and some of those interactions stick in our minds while others just drop right out the moment they’re over. Most times it’s odd the things that stick, and we’re stuck standing still wondering why what we thought was important disappeared. Of course it might also have to do with getting older. I swear my memory was so much better across the board until the past five years or so. At any rate, it’s the end of another long week, so it’s time for my latest edition of Six For Saturday…

  1. It was apparently the week for reconnecting with people I hadn’t seen or talked to in a while. I had several FB conversations with people from high school to talk about the upcoming 20th year alumni celebration that will take place next month. Those conversations definitely brought back memories that I hadn’t thought about in a very long time. All good memories, though.
  2. My wife found two old photos of me that were taken during my senior year of high school while I was on the bowling team. I remember those pants. They were my favorites, even though I had gotten paint on both legs at some point, but I kept wearing them, even when the other players made fun of me. Maybe they were lucky.
  3. My giveaway on Goodreads is picking up steam, with nearly 200 people entered for autographed copies of my latest novel, The Absolute Contingency. Speaking of the book, I sold several more copies “out of my trunk” this week as well, which makes me way more excited than I suppose it should. 🙂
  4. I finally stopped making excuses and went to the Utica Poets Society event on Thursday, and I’m so glad I went. It’s such an eclectic mix of people whose only thing in common is that we all write and share our poetry. I hadn’t been for a month, and the excuses had gotten way more elaborate as it stretched on, but after finally making it back, I’m inspired to keep it up.
  5. Daylight Saving Time is tonight, just another reason I wish I lived in Arizona.
  6. The two biggest things that happened this week were related, so I’ll mention both of them here. We had the final CSE meeting (on Tuesday) for my youngest daughter before she enters kindergarten in the fall, and it was an emotional one. It fortified our resolve to fight for every single thing she will need to be successful in a general education setting. Then on Thursday I went back to the school to sign her up for kindergarten. I still can’t believe my little girl is going to be going to kindergarten so soon!

And of course as the week comes to a close another incident rears its ugly head as my oldest daughter has caught some sort of flu-like stomach bug that kept her up last night. It just reminds me once again of the joy of being a parent, running toward the situation instead of away from it. And a new week starts with her still feeling unwell. Time for some Matchbox 20, perhaps.



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