The “Just Friends” Conundrum

8 thoughts on “The “Just Friends” Conundrum”

    1. You’re not a freak. Some of us are born innately sexual. It is a normal thing if you’ve always been that way. Now if a trauma happened to you of a sexual nature this could have also been the case.

      1. You don’t know when the traumas came, if the traumas came, or why you were innately sexual. And it’s easy when our bodies are developing to be fascinated by them and find them sexual, even when we don’t know what that means, at a very young age.

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  2. I agree that guys read things into friend relationships that gals do not give any mind to. Relationships are such complex associations, that even if both parties wanted Platonic fellowship, the commitment side demands an explanation. “What exactly are we? More than just friends, but not exclusive..blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada….Why can’t it be just what it is? Because, sooner or later, one of them wants more….usually the guy. Good read!

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