When a Friendship Ends

“When a friendship ends, people don’t always give it the same amount of thought that they do relationships. With an ex-boyfriend, there are discussions of bad timing or different expectations. But most of the time, friendships end in a different way — slowly, and without declaration. Usually people don’t really notice until a friend has … Continue reading When a Friendship Ends


“True friends know your deepest, darkest secrets, but they never hold them against you. They listen while you breathe, and they breathe with you.” ~Theodicus I think listening has become a lost art form along the lines of hieroglyphics and cubism, as neglected in the 21st century as html language and refrigerator school. And I … Continue reading Friendversations

A Real Friend Is…

there for you when you aren’t even there for yourself never blind to your faults but loves you in spite of them always willing to compromise someone who listens, even when you keep saying the same thing never disposable comfortable to be around a formidable ally when you are in trouble not perfect a person … Continue reading A Real Friend Is…

Friends Forever

Remember your high school yearbook where everyone, even the people you hardly ever talked to, just had to write in it and tell you how¬† absolutely amazing it was being your “friend” in school? And you were so excited because even though they hadn’t really been your friend, you knew you would be able to … Continue reading Friends Forever

The Friend Analysis

So, I was talking with my therapist the other day about how I feel like I make friends easily, but they have the tendency to disappear. She said it might have to do with my intensity, and I recognized that for a truth right away. I do have a predilection for being loud, gregarious, spirited, … Continue reading The Friend Analysis