Growing Up Seventh-Day Adventist: A Different Kind of Brother

4 thoughts on “Growing Up Seventh-Day Adventist: A Different Kind of Brother”

  1. Calling everyone brother and sister is not unique to Seventh Day Adventists. 🙂 Now if we would only live that way among all human beings.

    1. You made me smile. Thanks for that. I know it’s not unique, and I completely agree with what you said. What a world it would be it we all behaved as human beings to each other all the time! Thanks for the comment, and the smile.

  2. I enjoyed your blog. I am retired and new to blogging. You are obviously an educated man of varied interests, but perhaps you would like to visit my blog at or pastor dustin butlers blog at
    On another note, did you come to peace with sda beliefs, ie. Seventh day worship, dietary rules, etc. I know some people who can’t seem to peaceably reconcile it all.

    1. Thank you for your comments. It was actually easy to reconcile my beliefs and health consciousness with the church beliefs. Maybe it is because I grew up with it so it is ingrained in me. I know many people go their own ways, though, but that’s fine because I believe it is an individual issue and belief.

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