Like Church Clothes

“What I wear like church clothes you wear like jewelry. All the simple things you revel in, they just suffocate me.” ~Matt Nathanson I remember dressing up on Saturday mornings, pulling on my starched pants, crisply ironed shirt, dress socks, belt, and clip-on tie. They would be laying there spread out on the bed in … Continue reading Like Church Clothes


When I was a kid Saturdays meant going to church and waiting for the sun to set. When I moved into my 20s it was all about eating frozen waffles and trying to figure out why I was no longer going to church. Then I hit my 30s and Saturdays became relaxing days, days when … Continue reading Saturdays

Spiritual Detours

You’d be surprised, but I spend an awful lot of time thinking about religion, about church, about spirituality, and about how each of these concepts can exist independently of one another. People often ask me why I don’t go to church, but the answer isn’t a simple one, even though the act of not going is simple. And I know what they’re thinking, that I must be a lost soul, that I’m one of those backsliders who grew up in the church but has now turned his back on it. They would be wrong on both accounts.

I’m not lost. In fact, for the first time in my life I think I finally have solid footing where it comes to God and my connection with him. It has been a long time coming, though, and I have gone through many wrong turns on the journey.


In college I worked at the Temple University library circulation desk, and I had a wide variety of students and non-students come in and ask me questions or tell me things they thought I needed to know. They were looking for the religion section (BS – no joke), or they were trying to find their computer password to log in (they really needed the reference desk), or they wanted to let someone know that a guy had built a book fort in the stacks. One time that stands out, however, was when two guys in gray suits with print ties came up to the desk to ask about my eternal soul. They gave me a pamphlet and invited me to go to their church on the following Sunday. At the time I had so many questions about my eternal soul that I think I became an easy target, and they could see it. Continue reading “Spiritual Detours”