It is never the same This constant sorrow Seeping in unchecked Like so much moisture Pressed deep inside Overcome by your ghost These silent steps This fleeting shadow Discarded in morning glow This gaping hole With the shape of you Crinkled at the corners Like we used to be But I see you everywhere This … Continue reading Smoke

At Dusk

They take him at sundown In shackles and chains Face shielded from the rain As it falls down in sheets That frame his tousled hair In a requiem of sorrow Feet shuffling slow as sin Waiting to be let back in Stars rising like the tide Far above his infamy Straining to be free But … Continue reading At Dusk

Growing Apart

It’s one of the oldest let downs in the book, the theory that somehow you’ve grown apart from your mate, like you’re plants in an atrium and suddenly you need sunlight while your partner only thrives in the shade. And yet it’s one of those cliches that’s more true than it isn’t, not like those … Continue reading Growing Apart

Glass and Bone

My soul craves heat An unbearable fire That ceases to burn Yet cleanses complete It reaches fingers out Clutching at air Grasping for warmth To ease my burdens And shoulder the load My soul is bereft Hollow like an oak Yet tall and proud Singular in intensity A shadow in the dark That always consumes … Continue reading Glass and Bone


The weight presses down heavy Like a crown of wicked thorns Unmanageably thick and gnarled Knobby hands gripping fiercely Twisting firmly into place As delicate as pedantic love In the face of dulled conscience Worn thin from experience Chained to a desperate need This substitute for affection Dressed up in period finery The death of … Continue reading Over-Wrought


The mourning comes Swift like death With eyes open Mockingly sweet So saccharine A passive engagement Painted in blue Deceptively thin Like a razor’s edge Slick with blood Awash in tears That never end This gentle rain Tender as morning Conscious as fear Hoping for a release That never comes. Sam Continue reading Release