Perfect Skin

“If I feel this feeling, will you crawl out of your perfect skin and climb into mine?” ~Black Lab There was just something about the rain that captivated her, that steady drumming on the tin roof of the little house, the water occasionally finding imperceptible holes, forcing its way inside. She could sit in the … Continue reading Perfect Skin

Black Ice

Black ice Dark as night Thick like tar Consume my soul Rend me apart Fill me whole Then disappear Leaving scars Red and angry Blazing hot Like salty tears Rolling silently Into oblivion This obsidian Flowing like waves Leading away From innocence My ravaged spirit Left to decay Then trapped in ice So I can’t … Continue reading Black Ice

This is Love

This is love Patiently silent Expressively still Waiting to move To feel pain A wakening of the soul Vibrations from beneath Folding in from above A diligent love Awash in guilt And latent promises Begging for redemption Solidly stagnant Forced into submission By anyone but you These molten tears Darkening into shadow Blending with anger … Continue reading This is Love

Brevity of Life

Why do you think it takes someone dying for us to finally realize the brevity of life? I mean, we can be blissfully ignorant most times, can’t we? Someone we’ve known for our entire lives is someone we’ll know for the entire rest of our lives, or so we think without consciously thinking it. It’s … Continue reading Brevity of Life