“Come on don’t leave me like this. I thought I had you figured out. Can’t breathe whenever you’re gone. Can’t turn back. Now I’m haunted.” ~Taylor Swift Why am I haunted by the ghosts of friends gone by? I know what my therapist would say. There was no closure. I never got the answers, the … Continue reading Haunted

A Sort of Baptism

I grew up with women, a whole gaggle of them if you asked me back then because it felt that way. From the moment I emerged from the womb I was surrounded by enough estrogen to choke a horse (imagine that), so I’m no stranger to emotion, to such honest emotion that I’ve been comfortable … Continue reading A Sort of Baptism


I am broken and scarred Left behind by too many Stranded by the roadside Of apathy and chagrin Between these two extremes Shackled to a burning tree That is never consumed And a rainbow never blooms Even though the storm is gone Replaced by a Judas kiss Bloody in its welcome Sheltered under this twilight … Continue reading Broken


The weight presses down heavy Like a crown of wicked thorns Unmanageably thick and gnarled Knobby hands gripping fiercely Twisting firmly into place As delicate as pedantic love In the face of dulled conscience Worn thin from experience Chained to a desperate need This substitute for affection Dressed up in period finery The death of … Continue reading Over-Wrought


“It is the transitory nature of life that lends itself to criticism by those who refuse to simply live.” ~Theodicus It may have been something I said. I do have a big mouth, or at least others have claimed as much in the past. But I think I’ve changed, at least to an extent, and … Continue reading Unfriended

Understanding Women

“Women are like tricks by sleight of hand Which, to admire, we should not understand.” ~William Congreve I’ll never understand women, and I guess it’s supposed to be that way, what with God giving them a complexity that most men lack. Sure, women say men are tough to “get,” but when was the last time … Continue reading Understanding Women