Fight or Flight

I used to always run away. When things got tough, I got going… until I was far enough away that the situation looked like speck in the distance. It was easy too. In fact, I often used to say that the easiest thing to do was to pretend nothing happened, to get either physically or … Continue reading Fight or Flight

Little Wonder

“Little wonder, you little wonder. You little wonder, little wonder you.” ~David Bowie I find myself looking back at these pictures of my daughters when they were knee high to an ant, and I wonder how it all happens, this thing called growing up. One minute there they are, my little wonders, my little miracles, … Continue reading Little Wonder

My Shallow Pail List

I don’t have a bucket. I never did. Buckets were for people who had water, an abundance of water that could be useful for cleaning things, for taking care of flood situations, and for sitting there looking like a bucket. I had a shallow pail. You know the kind, the one that people used in … Continue reading My Shallow Pail List