I remember 15, like a tickling in my ribs that I just can’t reach, though I feel it rather acutely. I saw a kid today, couldn’t have been more than 15. He was getting in the passenger seat of a vehicle, with some middle-aged guy in the driver’s seat. I am that middle-aged guy, although … Continue reading 15

A Sort of Nostalgia

The last time I saw my father he was getting a taxi to pick up his car from one of numerous impound lots. He offered to give me a ride there, but that wasn’t my destination. That was six years ago. I’ve talked to him several times on the phone since then, mostly because I … Continue reading A Sort of Nostalgia

a book reading

Author bucket list item achieved: I had my first book reading on Saturday, and I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. Sure, I had been to dozens of them, where someone else sat or stood in the front of the room, reading their work to us, the enraptured audience. So, in that way I guess … Continue reading a book reading


If this is the last time for trivialities, then let me know Cover me in couched cliches So I can reap what I’ve sown Clear my cluttered schedule of everything I’ve owned Pack me in a battered case Leave me to my misery because that’s how I’ve grown in this gathering twilight I’ve saved up … Continue reading Baggage


I went out early this morning, on a shopping trip. I don’t do too many of those these days, for obvious reasons, but we needed some items, and as long as it’s early enough I don’t feel as anxious due to the smaller number of people within my personal range. Target was first, which was … Continue reading disconnected

expecting nothing

I have very few expectations out of life. Well, out of general life anyway. I used to have these pie-in-the-sky yearnings that were never going to come true, that were destined to disappoint me, but I dreamed anyway. I remember everyone telling me the sky was the limit, but then I kept thinking of how … Continue reading expecting nothing