A Sort of Nostalgia

3 thoughts on “A Sort of Nostalgia”

  1. The open heart yearns for what it wants, feels is important and knows how relationships could be better. While my personal experience isn’t the same as yours, your post touched my heart and I felt a little teary for you and for all of those who want a parental relationship to work. My sons still ache for this with their dad so in that sense, I understand.

      1. It really is and I wondered often if it would improve my kids’ relationship with their dad if they spoke to him from the heart honestly about how much they missed him. Because I always wanted them to be close to him. I used to tell the ex that the kids needed and loved him, but it didn’t matter really. When it’s convenient, he reaches out and when it’s not, he ignores them. Both are hurt by feelings of being rejected. One yearns to stay close to his dad, excusing all the hurts, while the other has begun to let go even though I think if his dad showed him any attention, he’d be back to hoping again for more.

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