Standing Between

She stands in that space between ecstasy and agony, forced to make an impossible decision between two men who equally have her heart, or maybe not as equally as she’s led everyone else to believe. Because if it were as balanced as she has hinted at, then this, this would be impossible. But we, her … Continue reading Standing Between

Dear Journal: Repetitions

Dear Journal, I found myself watching Seinfeld again this morning and laughing in all the right places like I’ve done the dozens of other times I’ve watched each episode. It’s funny to me how, even though I know the punchlines, and even though I can recite the lines right along with the characters, it’s still … Continue reading Dear Journal: Repetitions


“We’re gladiators… in suits.” Okay, I made it this far, I guess it’s okay to go all the way. My name is Sam. And I’m addicted to Scandal. Now, before you judge me let me tell you the whole story. For years I declared the show too frivolous for me to pursue, while I watched … Continue reading Scandalized

The Unorthodox Nature of Dating on TV

The Bachelorette.

She loves him. I can see it in her eyes when he pulls her into his arms and holds her close. It’s like a fairy tale as they talk and laugh, as he plans a future for the two of them, and as she says nothing to dissuade him from those plans. They’re dressed in dinner wear, the handsome couple that turns everyone’s heads when they go out on the town. He even brought her home to meet his entire family, and they too could see the love between them. A week later he is in tears because she said she doesn’t feel the same way about him as he does about her. Now. At this late hour. And the cameras are rolling when he gets the news.

No, this isn’t real life, but it is at the same time. This is a television show, but it’s unscripted, and the “actors” are real human beings who want a legitimate shot at discovering love, at finding their own “happily ever after.” Is it right to throw these desperately longing creatures together in a house with their rivals and hope for the best? Is it okay to think that having one woman determine their fates is the best way to treat their fragile emotions anyway? And why am I so fascinated by the show?

After watching the latest episode last night, I thought back to bachelorette Andi’s hometown trips, where she did a very good job of making it seem like each of the four guys was the only one for her. Four mothers told her how much they could see the attraction and emotional connection between her and their son, but one of those mothers either lied or was seriously mistaken — Marcus’s mother. She wanted the best for her son, having already lost two other children in tragic circumstances, and she had us viewers thinking that Andi was that proverbial best. A week later Andi was breaking her son’s heart on national television.

And we all watched. Well, I watched anyway. Continue reading “The Unorthodox Nature of Dating on TV”