Girl Meets World

4 thoughts on “Girl Meets World”

  1. I wish I’d known this was going to be coming on. I’d kind of been checking up with it, but I suppose I hadn’t done so recently enough. Get on the computer and all I see is stuff about it everywhere. I’m so upset about missing it.
    Boy Meets World was seriously just such a fantastic show. Husband and I bought all the seasons and watched them about two years ago. Still good.

    1. Absolutely one of the best shows on television in the mid-to-late 90s. I think they’re showing the premiere a bunch more times this week, so I would check with Disney Channel if I were you. It was a good show.

      1. I agree, but I think that a lot of shows were better back then. Of course we didn’t have the good ones of now. But they really just don’t make shows like that anymore.
        When I was looking for that, it was already on and halfway through. We set up a series recording, but it hasn’t recorded that one. -_-

      2. They really don’t make shows like that anymore. Which is sad but maybe speaks for the new generation. Perhaps the kids inspire the shows and not the other way around.

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