4 thoughts on “fear”

  1. Hi Sam thanks for your blog. I randomly stumbled on it after reading an article on the blue zones which included a community of SDA in Lima Linda CA. I was curious what it was like to have grown up an SDA and googled exactly that which led me here. It’s interesting that you say “Because I don’t even know if I believe in god” after being raised so religiously. I guess it’s not uncommon to question your faith or other childhood teachings once you grow up. I was raised Catholic, at age 14 decided i was atheist, at age 24 decided i was agnostic and at age 41 believe in God again, though a different version of God than i was taught growing up. One thing I’ve learned is that putting your complete trust in God takes away all fear – fear of making the wrong decision, fear of pain, fear of being judged, fear of death. In other words completely surrendering control to the universe and trusting your intuition -which i think is the voice of God in our hearts. If you catch COVID and pass away trust that everyone under your care will be fine and that you will find eternal love and peace in the spiritual realm, aka heaven. 😉 In other words live your life in the moment while pursuing happiness while remaining virtuous while trusting your heart. Happy 2022.

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