The Art of Adulting

8 thoughts on “The Art of Adulting”

  1. I don’t think my mom ever gave me the impression life was fair or easy. I expected it to be hard. I thank her for that. Life is hard, but I have been prepared well for it. Even though I don’t like things sometimes.

  2. They do say the squeaky wheel gets the grease, so maybe it’s a millennial thing. Maybe they’ve found a way to whine themselves through adulthood. If they think adulting is hard, wait till they have to adult and parent at the same time🙈🙈🙈🙈. Nice post.

  3. Thanks for writing this! I just turned 23 and therefore am still a part of the “Adulting is Hard” choir. However, I’m quite sick of the standard social media…the tweets, the hashtags, the whole lot of whining over things that were there long before we even encountered them. I’m still relatively new to the wordpress community and came back on here in hopes of finding others who would skim through my thoughts and say, “yeah, me too”. I think what I appreciate most is that you’re addressing what I’ve been feeling about my generation for a few months now and it’s affirming my notion that my soul is likely older than those around me. Thank you

    1. Yeah. Me too. Seriously, though, it’s hard to connect with others when we aren’t honest with ourselves. That’s why I started this blog, to just get these thoughts out there and see who else understands. I’m glad you do.

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