When a Friendship Ends

3 thoughts on “When a Friendship Ends”

  1. I was working at the store on Saturday. A customer asked me some questions. Her accent was soooo…. Familiar. Then she spoke her language and it was… Familiar. It took me a minute or 10 to place. She was from South Africa… I knew that because one of my best friends from high school was from there. Haven’t talked to her in about 5 years. So strange how this happens.

    1. I find it absolutely fascinating when we lose touch like that, how gradual it is, and yet how final. Have you ever realized how long it has been and then tried to restrike up the friendship?

      1. Yes. It’s difficult if both people aren’t interested. It’s difficult if they are. People have jobs and children. If we think rules stood in the way of hanging out and fun stuff when we were teenagers… Life as an adult is more in the way.

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