Dear Journal: Some Like It Hot

7 thoughts on “Dear Journal: Some Like It Hot”

  1. I kid you not, I started singing that song when I read the title. I am one who absolutely HATES the heat! Living in South Louisiana has me dreaming of life in Alaska right now. It’s getting to that time where it is 100 degrees mid day and 90 degrees at midnight. Now, add 100% humidity and you have one extremely uncomfortable person. I hope your summer isn’t too hot!

    1. I used to live in Knoxville, and that was like what I assume hell would feel like. It was sweltering and the humidity didn’t help out AT ALL. I love that song, btw and now I’m curious what your singing voice is like. Maybe we can chat on FB messenger sometime.

      1. Yes this is pretty close to hell! I can’t argue with that. My singing voice is nothing angelic. Trust me! But I sing anyway, it makes me happy hahaha! Unfortunately I left the fictitious wolrd of Facebook alone about two years ago. It began to annoy me.

      2. Ah, I totally understand that. I keep it real out there as I do everywhere else. I guess I’ll have to just keep imagining what you sound like then. Lol. I too sing when I’m not the most angelic of voices myself. I enjoy your blog and your writing voice too, btw. I just don’t comment that often on other blogs. Don’t take it personally. 🙂

      3. Thanks for the compliment! I don’t take it personally at all. I usually spend some time reading then commenting if I see fit. My contact information is on my blog if you want to reach me outside of these comments. Feel free to be in touch.

      4. Thanks for the info. I spend so much time writing (both on my blogs and apart from them) that I don’t save and time to really explore even the blogs I like (like yours). Good thing you wrote me on my blog because I always respond here. Lol.

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