“Oh My God.”

“Oh my god,” she said, and to her it meant absolutely nothing. It was a placeholder, another way of saying “What?” in that sarcastic tone I know she means when she pretends to be innocent. But she knows what she’s doing and saying. She knows that I’m not pleased when I put my hands on … Continue reading “Oh My God.”

Maybe Tonight

Sometimes I’m an insomniac. I’ll lie in bed and stare at the ceiling, or where I think the ceiling is supposed to be because I can’t see it in the pitch dark of the room. And I’ll do that for hours, each moment blending into the next until the room begins to lighten and I … Continue reading Maybe Tonight

Surprise Me

I like surprises… when you don’t make me wait for them. It’s like winter, really. I adore the idea of surprises but the reality is not quite something I can bear out. That’s because people have the tendency to tell me ahead of time that “something’s coming.” Well, just let it get here already. If … Continue reading Surprise Me

The Big Empty

“It isn’t you. Isn’t me. Search for things that you can’t see. Going blind. Out of reach. Somewhere in the vasoline.” ~Stone Temple Pilots I first heard his voice in 1994, the phenomenon known as Scott Weiland, and I was instantly hooked. It was summer, and I was in Huntsville, Alabama, enjoying my recent high … Continue reading The Big Empty


I remember watching Cast Away, that loveably emotional film starring Tom Hanks, about a man who gets shipwrecked by himself on an island in the middle of nowhere. I would wonder if I could survive if I were in a similar situation, if it would be just too much for me to handle, or if … Continue reading Wilson!

Sex Isn’t Love

“Damn, is that all I get from you? ‘Bout to give me an attitude. You need to make love to me like you don’t love me.” ~Janet When I was 16 I thought sex was love. Oh, hell, when I was 21 I still thought sex was love. Because both sex and love were so … Continue reading Sex Isn’t Love