Looking Glass

I looked up from the calculator and the computer screen, satisfied that I had done everything I needed to do, that my affairs were all in order, and I closed out the browser with a sigh. One semester down. One semester of getting used to  being called Professor, of going to college on the other … Continue reading Looking Glass

Dear Journal: Contact

Dear Journal, I recently got a new phone, and even though the saleslady told me my new phone would automatically re-populate the contacts from my old phone I didn’t trust that. See, I come from the old school way of doing things, back in the days when nothing happened automatically, when we had to painstakingly … Continue reading Dear Journal: Contact

All This Noise

As I cull through my songs on iTunes to get rid of duplicates (they’re everywhere, I swear), I find myself becoming reacquainted with some gems I had completely forgotten existed. Well, when my iPod only holds about 26,000 songs and my iTunes has 10 times that number inevitably a few artists/songs get left out when … Continue reading All This Noise

Bigger & Better

“The greater part of our lives is spent in dreaming over the morrow, and when it comes, it, too, is consumed in the anticipation of a brighter morrow, and so the cheat is prolonged, even to the grave.” ~Mark Rutherford I used to talk to a friend of mine about it all the time, the … Continue reading Bigger & Better