Dear Journal: Novelty

Dear Journal,

I am often fascinated by seemingly casual exchanges between people, especially when one of those people happens to be me. My life is pretty scripted, so there’s not much room for new exchanges, for making new friends, or even just for seeing those people I call friends. But every once in a while there are people who show up out of nowhere for a reason, to break that routine. And most times I’m amazed by them.

I had a conversation yesterday that proved this idea that novelty can be inspirational. Someone who I wouldn’t have guessed read this blog did indeed read it, and responded to something that resonated with her, to something that touched her deeply. We had an amazing exchange that renewed my faith in humanity, and that made me feel like what I’m doing out here is indeed worthwhile. Not just for me but for those who read it religiously and offer me that feedback.

There are so many things I can say about how this blog keeps me thoughtful and brings me back to moments in time, to bits and pieces of myself I may have left behind but never forgotten. But the most important thing I can say about this blog is that it exposes me to more than the past. It allows me to live in the future every moment, to enjoy this novelty that comes along with being out here, with making new connections with others.

And I’m excited to see what tomorrow brings.



What do you think?

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