Dear Journal: Potential

2 thoughts on “Dear Journal: Potential”

  1. Sam ~ Really love your post! I also love the concept of ‘potential’. To me, potential isn’t about reaching a target (like clearing the bar in a pole vault). It’s like being in space, away from gravity, and with the expanse of infinity in front of me. There is nothing to hold me back from exploring every nook and cranny of the universe. I am boundless. While I agree I haven’t lived up to my potential, I’m also keenly aware of how exhausted and miserable I’ve been trying to live up to someone else’s expectation of potential. It sucks. So now I focus on the challenges and adventures that bring lasting happiness. They are too geeky to share but they make me long for the weekends and leave me happy-tired on Monday. Thanks again and have a great day!

    1. Nothing is too geeky. I would love to hear about the challenges and adventures that bring you lasting happiness. Thank you for what you said about my post. Sometimes I just feel like potential holds me back from achievement because I subscribe to it way too often and maybe I should just live and enjoy what I am doing with my life. Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Hope you stay a while.

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