Relationship Don’ts

14 thoughts on “Relationship Don’ts”

      1. Why can’t you stand it? It’s the only way to refer to both genders in English, and well, you write about it

      2. I can’t stand it because it’s plural, not singular, and I was speaking of singular relationships. And I refuse to say his/her for the entire list.

      3. I don’t think anybody would assume you were talking about “plural” relationships if you referred to them as “them”

      4. Hahaha. Agreed. Supposedly this is going to change so that “they” will technically be a correct (gender-neutral) singular classification in the English language, but that isn’t official yet. Until then, I can’t do it either.

      5. They make so many changes in the English language, in grammar, and punctuation, and even in the number of spaces following a period. I wouldn’t be surprised if this happened sooner rather than later. It would help me with my s/he debate. 🙂

      6. Ahhh, I didn’t even know about the “two spaces after a period” thing until my grad school cohort had a debate about it. Ridiculous.

      7. You’re so young! My college students also didn’t know about the two spaces until I brought it up. I believe the two spaces was due to typewriters, but of course no one uses typewriters anymore in this day and age!

      8. True. We may still have ours, actually… I remember typing on it when I was little (very profound things, I’m sure). I need to ask my mother whatever happened to that ol’ thing.

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