Two For Tuesday

blacktuesdayDaylight Savings Time never used to mess me up, not really. The change came in fall and I gained an hour, which was cool enough, but then it ended in spring and I lost that hour, which wasn’t cool. Yet it was just a matter of changing clocks before bed on those two Saturday nights. Now most of the clocks change themselves — weird, right? — and my body isn’t shifting well to either one anymore. Two days after the change and I’m still exhausted by 6:30PM and I’m a zombie when I usually get up in the morning.

But I’m not complaining. Not really. It’s just interesting what age does to some of the body’s internal clocks as the wheel in the sky keeps on turning (to borrow a line from Journey). And it’s Tuesday again, the day I’ve taken over in celebration of everything I have to be thankful for. This day is no different, so without any further ado here are two things I’m thankful for today…

1. I’m grateful for surprise inspiration. Last week I followed a writing prompt that had me writing the first few lines of a children’s book, as if I were a children’s book writer. I’ve never written a children’s book before, so I thought it would be interesting to do the prompt, and I posted it on the blog. You can read it here. The response was surprising, with the major one from my sister saying I “had to” write more of the story. So I’ve been doing just that the past couple of days and the story has been evolving at a rapid pace. I’m surprising even myself, which is difficult to do but is happening nonetheless.

2. I’m grateful for iced tea. It makes me think of summertime because when I first got married it was summer and we used to brew iced tea in a big jar out on the front porch. The sun would heat up the tea bag infused water, and I would keep coming back to it and wondering when it would be done. It was an impatient time but it was also wonderful, watching the shadows come in and moving the jar back into the sunlight. Those young days as a married couple were just like that, so warm and comfortable, but also a little impatient for life to keep moving, to grow our little family. I made a huge pitcher of iced tea this week, and even though there isn’t nearly enough sun to do it like we did back then, the stove works wonders as well, and the taste still brings back memories.


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