Growing Up Seventh-Day Adventist: Questioning

One thought on “Growing Up Seventh-Day Adventist: Questioning”

  1. Very interesting! I came across your page while trying to look for a service to attend tomorrow (Friday). I appreciate the perspective. I wonder if you had attended a public high school as oppose to a private academy growing up and were constantly questioned about your faith if the foundation would have been partially established earlier. But personal questionings are normal.

    Despite the questionings though, I can’t deny the blessings and peace of mind I got (and am still getting) from attending and participating in certain services/activities such as Sabbath services especially after a long hard week of work and school, week of prayers, prayer vigils till midnight, prayer lines, Giving thanks services, hymn fests. Being able to join in song with other brothers and sisters singing so passionately a song of praise or a song describing their devotion to God in spite of their problems, etc. Having family worship on Friday nights with dinner waiting to be eaten right after the final prayer. Pathfinders…that kept the youth positively occupied and showed them some discipline with keeping their uniform in good shape. Pathfinder camping trips to “primitive” campsites with outhouses…cool to a youngster.

    Of course, most importantly, there has to be a desire to follow God and to want to do what he says and a recognition that He does have our best interest in mind for any of these “appearances” to be meaningful. And knowing this is a light bulb moment.

    Glad to hear you want to “start living what…[you]… preached.” All the best on this journey and may God continue to guide you and bless you and your family.

    (Excuse the grammatical errors. I had to type this quickly before going back to some work.)

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