Dear Journal: Snob Much?

bands1Dear Journal,

I hesitate to pen this because it paints me in a bad light, but if we can’t accept things and move on, what can we do? I’m not that person now, so I guess it’s okay.

I used to be one of those guys. You know the ones, who are always bragging about the newest thing they have or like that no one else has even heard of. And if someone else *has* heard of it, then I didn’t like it anymore, even if I secretly still did, because it didn’t make me special anymore.

It started with music. I would find the most obscure bands and singers I could, just so I could say I liked them and get the blank looks from all the others who weren’t “in the know” as I was about this amazing obscure artist. I would follow them around from seedy bar to seedy bar and claim to be their biggest fan. You know, until they got a hit song, and then I was out of there because they weren’t all mine anymore.

Then it moved on to writers. If everyone else was reading John Grisham I had to be mired in John Barth (who I’ve never really understood, but his writing was “high brow” enough to count), as the good intellectual that I was. I would bring his books wherever I went just so I could stick up my nose and explain how most people don’t “get” Barth, but that he was an intense genius. Yeah. Right.

Technology was next on the list. Having the latest gadget that was wait-list only was the ultimate for me in the mid-’90s. It was like having something cool made ME cool, but it had to be rare, something most others didn’t have. Just like everything else that had led to that point. I can’t tell you about all the previously cool items that became mainstream and I gave up on for specifically that reason.

dawsonsI guess television shows were last in line. I would pick shows that were on the verge of cancellation and become their biggest fan, just because obviously not many others were watching it. I felt so chic when I would mention that THIS was my favorite show, even though I knew most other people didn’t “get” it. Because it felt good that I got it. It made me feel superior to all the paeans out there who were so clueless.

Then I grew up. Sure, it was tons later than it should have taken to get there, but it eventually happened. It was almost like I woke up one morning and though, “Sam, you’re being ridiculous. Why can’t you like Hootie & the Blowfish? What’s wrong with appreciating John Grisham? Why deprive yourself of a technological gadget just because everyone else is using it? Sure, Dawson’s Creek is popular, but you’re going to watch it anyway, because you LIKE IT.”

That’s it right there. I decided if I like it then what does it matter how I come off to other people. If I like the Spice Girls I’m not going to hide it. I’m just going to enjoy it, whether others agree with me or think they’re all tone deaf.

And John Barth sucks. Legitimately.



6 thoughts on “Dear Journal: Snob Much?

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  1. Good post! I appreciate honesty. 🙂 I don’t have a problem enjoying something popular to an extent, but I do tend to automatically have something against trendy things when there’s no practical reason that they’re trendy. Like in fashion, I find I unfairly get annoyed at something only because it’s weirdly popular when it wasn’t before. Or Nutella–the craze over it makes me not want to like it. I don’t like people’s overreactions. I finally had some, and I do like it, but I haven’t had it since because it annoys me. Haha!

    1. Overreactions! You’re preaching to the choir, sister! I mean, everything can’t be the best. We are all individuals with our own perceptions. Avatar isn’t the best movie ever. Nutella is pretty good, but it’s not nectar of the gods. How is Leonardo DiCaprio seen as a good actor? He does the same role over and over again. Etc.

      But I do love me some Scandal. 😉

      1. I watched the first season of Scandal and enjoyed it okay, but I was getting more and more annoyed with the characters. Why are we supposed to like the president and root for that relationship? He’s a jerk. Anyway, I ended up just reading up on season 2 after watching like one episode. I didn’t think Scandal was particularly trendy, though.

        For some reason the font in this comment box looks so nice and clean that it makes me want to type more.

      2. Scandal was incredibly trendy, at least for the first two seasons. Not sure if it’s trending now or not, but the first two seasons were like “Game of Thrones” huge. I think most characters in the show are jerks, but I also think that’s part of why the show was trendy. As a society we like watching jerks in action. For some odd reason.

        As for the font in the comment box, I think that was their plan. 🙂

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