Six For Saturday


1) So many people are out and about on Saturdays in the spring, and it’s interesting to see. Like today, for instance, even though it was a little breezy, the neighborhood was out in full force, with garage sales up and down the block, and the local businesses having open houses. It’s always nice to see the community coming together and enjoying each others’ company. Today I was talking to a friend about the neighborhood I grew up in, telling her how it’s fallen completely into disrepair now, the entire area. It’s sad to see something like that happen, but it’s reassuring to see what’s going on around here right now.

2) The Town Tavern shut down, too, and it’s weird to drive by there and see the For Sale sign in the window that used to be lit up with a blinking red Coors sign all hours of the day. Somebody appears to have stolen the “Tavern” portion of the sign, perhaps as a lasting souvenir of one of their favorite places, so the sign simply says “Town,” which may be a sad commentary on the state of things around here. I take it as a positive, though, but I wonder where those who constantly populated the old Town Tavern are going now for their libations. I hope they’re not drinking alone at home.

3) Michael Jackson’s “new” album came out this week, and I have long been fascinated with post-humous releases by musical artists, to see what might have been sitting there in their archives that they hadn’t deemed worthy enough to be released. Yet, after their death it gets released, and more often than not it’s understandable after hearing it why they didn’t want it released to begin with. However, Michael is different, in my opinion. He was such a perfectionist that he had a host of material that was phenomenal (judging from the music on this record) but didn’t quite meet his extremely high standards for himself. I am in love with this music.

4) My nephew graduates from high school in less than 3 weeks, and I’m still trying valiantly to wrap my brain around that. My memories of him go way back to the moment he was born and I was the first person his eyes focused on in this world. That was over 18 years ago, and it doesn’t make me feel old so much as it makes me wonder honestly where the time went. I’m so proud of him for making it to graduation while going to a prestigious private school. Those classes are no joke, and he has made it to the end anyway. He’s even gotten a great scholarship to his first-choice college, which gives me an excuse to visit the South. Like I needed another excuse to go down there!

5) My anniversary is in 3 days, and I was telling a colleague about that today. She asked me which anniversary, I said it was the 11th, and she said, “which one? Do you mean your wedding anniversary or the anniversary of when you became a man?” I thought about it for a second and realized perhaps the two dates are one and the same. Or at least when I became a man I would be proud of, at least. The smartest decision I ever made in my life was to marry my wife. Oh, and I told that same colleague that of course I would always remember my bar mitzvah. She laughed at that one.

6) I am back on track with the first novel in an impending series I began writing in the fall. It’s very complicated with its plot structure, but it has a relatively limited list of characters, which is a first for me. I realize now, though, that maintaining four blogs simultaneously does not help me in my quest to focus on that book and get it finished so I can start on its successor. It’s also my first series, and I think I need to focus just for that reason as well. So I’ve decided I’m going to put my blogging time to use on just two of my four blogs on a regular basis, which will cut down on the time I spend writing anything that isn’t in my series. We’ll see how that goes, as this is my first week to try it coming up.



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