Elements of a Good Romantic Comedy

7 thoughts on “Elements of a Good Romantic Comedy”

  1. I like this elements. To me, though, it can’t be predictable. If I can tell from reading the plot what’s going to happen — yawn!!! Honestly, I think the art of romantic comedies is dying.

    1. I think this has to do with too many people not having imaginations anymore. They think that just having the formula is enough, but it’s not. Having chemistry and having an intriguing plot are paramount. I agree about the art of romantic comedies, but there are still some really good ones out there.

  2. I agree with those important elements yet to me now so many are full of cliches and even those that try to reject cliches are full of them! Take Friends With Benefits for example-even though I enjoyed the idea at the beginning of them not being emotionally attached, in the end it became predictable that they would end up together, and disappointed at the end with a big scene at a train station in front of lots of people. Yet,even as I say this I still watch it whenever it’s on-if they don’t end up together e.g. In 500 Days of Summer-I feel nothing but cheated of a good happy ending!

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