Growing Up Seventh-Day Adventist: Going Home

4 thoughts on “Growing Up Seventh-Day Adventist: Going Home”

  1. I relate to this very much. My friends keep asking me to go back to church. To sit in that pew again, in my childhood church, would feel so so weird. I may actually tackle religion in an upcoming post on my blog. It’s something I’ve avoided for a long time now, but I almost feel like I am ready… I think this must be part of why we relate to each other, though, Sam. An Adventist background isn’t something many strangers who meet on the Internet share.

    1. I truly believe you really can’t go “home” again, and it was honestly very odd going back there. I don’t think I’ll do it again, because I’m just too different now, and none of that is for me. I too feel like I’ve avoided the topic for a while, Jess, which I know is funny since I’ve written a whole series on it, for god’s sake, but I think you know what I mean. It’s one thing to write about how it made me feel, and quite another about how it makes me feel now. I completely agree about why we relate so well, too. It’s an odd starting point, to be sure, and yet we share it.

  2. Sam & Jessica, I am a former Seventh-Day Adventist who was led out and became a follower of Christ. I don’t know y’alls views on Christ after your experience in Adventism but never the less you may find this survey interesting. It was an independent survey conducted in November 2011 and surveyed over 200 former SDAs as to why they left Seventh-Day Adventism.

    My post is here (

    The actual survey is entitled “Former Adventist Survey Full Report & Summary: Beliefs, experiences, and opinions of adult individuals who are no longer members of the Seventh-day Adventist church” and is at the link entitled “why they left Seventh-Day Adventism” (

    It is 180 degrees opposite of the results of surveys conducted by the SDA Office of Statistics. So much so that SDAs own Spectrum Magazine asked the researcher to write an article about the results. (

  3. We definitely have to go back home. And yes it won’t be the same, but it will be better. It was better for the prodigal son. Things were better for Job when God restored his state. The new earth will truly be better. About development, that’s the whole point of growing up in the Lord. You won’t be the same faith wise five years from now… You will grow. We won’t be the same when we inhabit the new earth. We will be renewed. God’s will will be written in our hearts. It’s amazing.

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