Friday Top 5: Myths About Women

5. Women are poor drivers.

Sure, you probably know a woman or two who has a lead foot when it comes to driving, who thinks of speed limits as suggestions rather than hard and fast rules. And you know you have a death grip on the door or on your seat the entire time you’re in the car, especially when she takes curves at 95 mph. In fact, any time you’re forced to take a ride with her, you always strongly hype your vehicle as the car to take just so you can drive instead of her. Then she laughs at you and calls you a wimp for going 70 in a 65. But, odds are that you also know guys who are just like that too, and women who would make your grandma look like a race car driver too.

4. Women are emotionally weaker than men.

Just because many women are in touch with their emotions or wear their emotions on their sleeves does not make them weaker. In fact, it takes a lot more in this societal environment that judges everything and everyone to release those feelings. A true sign of strength is being brave enough to get it out there and deal with it, rather than bottling it up and then exploding later. Many men could take a huge lesson from women in this respect. Also, most guys might not admit it, but we are in awe of a woman’s ability to carry and give birth to children. Very glad it’s not us, but definitely in awe nonetheless. That’s real emotional AND physical strength there.

3. Women talk about everything with their friends.

When your lady friend goes out with her friends, do you worry that she’ll be talking about your girth or lack thereof? Is it foremost on your mind when you see them laughing together that they must have just been talking about you? Are you incredibly paranoid that your deepest darkest secrets are constantly being exposed to an army of women? Are you afraid to sext because you know they’ll be laughing at your word choice or your pictures later, in private? Well, get over it. Because, believe it or not, contrary to what Sex and the City would have you believe, most women don’t spend their “girl time” talking about guys they’re with. What they really want to do is talk to you about the issues they have with you. They spend their “girl time” talking about things they have in common. Just like you do with the guys, fellas.

2. Women want tough guys.

Speaking of hanging with the guys, most women could care less if they’re with a tough guy. Sure, he’s eye candy if a lady’s into that sort of thing, but what women really want are guys that will listen to them and care about what they say. They want a guy with a sense of humor who can laugh at himself. They want a guy who be “present” in the relationship and who knows what he wants, who doesn’t play games and who appreciates her for everything she can’t help being. Yes, I said it. If that guy also happens to fit the mold of tough guy, then fine by her, but it’s not her criteria. It’s just part of the, eh hem, package.

1. Women want equal treatment.

No. No. No. No. No. Whoever said that women want equal treatment obviously never talked to a woman about it before broadcasting it to the world. Women want many things, but none of those things is equal treatment. The word “equal” insinuates a sameness that should never exist when talking about a woman. Each individual woman is special, is an original, and as such is inherently not equal to anyone else. She is her own person, and she wants to be treated as such. That’s really what the “equality” movement was all about, not having women be treated just like men. Men aren’t treated so great, if truth be told, but regardless, a woman wants to be herself and to be appreciated as such. If she wants the door held for her or if she wants to open it herself. If she wants a guy to pay for dinner or if she wants to go dutch. She wants to be recognized for who she is, and that will never be equal to anyone else. Get to know her, and you’ll know the treatment she expects and deserves.


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  1. Admittedly, I stereotype my own gender when it comes to driving. It’s wrong, but maybe I’m conditioned lol. I could write a thesis on point 1…agree and disagree to a degree. But 4, 3, and 2…YES! Especially 4: I always say women are more emotionally expressive, but men tend to be more emotionally fragile.

    1. I love that point you made about women being more emotionally expressive. So true! Equality, by the way, is a tricky subject all around, with way more than gender relations. I think it all hinges on your personal definition of equality.

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