Growing Up Seventh-Day Adventist: The Aftermath

12 thoughts on “Growing Up Seventh-Day Adventist: The Aftermath”

  1. I had a similar experience. I grew up in a church that leaned toward arminian beliefs, but later found Calvinist churches more to my core beliefs. The answer is probably somewhere in the middle. We all have to start our journey somewhere and the important part is to make that journey. Why spend your life living out someone else’s religion?

    1. Exactly. I like the way you put it. Too many of us do just that, spend our lives living out someone else’s religion. I’m glad I realized I didn’t need to do that anymore. Better late than never.

      1. All it takes is like minds searching for truth instead of being okay with being spoon fed… I was wondering if we had any mutual facebook friends, but it seems not. Did you go to Adventist college at all?

      2. You FB stalker you! Just kidding. No, no Adventist college for me. My parents owed too much money to my high school so I didn’t really have any options when it came to college. Not bitter. Just honest.

      3. Eh, you were better off, anyway. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t gone to Adventist college, although I met one of my best friends there. Glad to have sort of escaped the bubble now.

      4. My network of friends, especially in the area I’m living in now, is mostly a part of that Adventist bubble. At least 50 percent of my facebook friends grew up Adventist… This will change when I go abroad again. I do not plan to get my job through an Adventist connection.

      5. My network used to be so similar when I still lived in Philadelphia, and many of my Facebook friends are or were Adventist, so I understand that one. And yes, my dad is a pastor. He does a lot of prison ministry work.

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