The Fugly Duckling

5 thoughts on “The Fugly Duckling”

  1. I was always the ugly one growing up. It’s not until really recently that I’ve discovered myself finally and started to appreciate myself for who I am. A whole person. More than the sum of my parts. I think it’s a coming of age thing maybe? Anyway, albeit that I’m not a guy, I could really relate to this. Thanks

    1. I think as we grow up we do appreciate ourselves and our qualities more. Sadly, though, too many people don’t get that memo and spiral down into a deep depression.

  2. I need to adopt that attitude. The media does make it hard for all of us to feel good about themselves. Susan Bordo wrote an essay about this, and she shared how nobody in Fiji had eating disorders until they got television in the 90s. She also talked about how standards of perfection have begun to apply to men as much as women. You do a great job of writing about that here. Wonderful post!

    1. Thank you so much, Emily. You help me feel good about myself. 😉 As for Fiji, it doesn’t surprise me. I know that since McDonald’s came to Japan, the people there have adapted to a higher obesity rate than ever before. It’s no surprise the correlation, and the subsequent eating disorders that come along with it. Sad, but no surprise.

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