When Michael Jackson Died

7 thoughts on “When Michael Jackson Died”

      1. I wrote a poem about him a short while ago. Look for Empty Journey on http://www.brindawillsurvive.com My mum used to watch him on tv when he sang with his brothers. I cannot think of any phase of my life where Michael’s music was absent. I only got to see him three times in Singapore but they are memories I shall treasure for a long time.

      2. At least you got to see him. The closest I ever came to seeing him live was on TV during those awards shows and telecasts. You are so lucky! I will read your poem. Thanks for sharing!

      3. Oh wow! Yes, I was indeed lucky. I thought there would have been a greater chance of watching him perform in the States. I saw him during the Dangerous and History world tours. He was magnificent. He was such a showman and you could really see that he enjoyed performing. We’ll never see the likes of him again.

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