Sam McManus: Writer

15 thoughts on “Sam McManus: Writer”

  1. great information. I feel I know you better. But most interestingly, you cop to other taglines: husband, father, son-of-a-preacher-man (if I am not mistaken)…there are so many facets of you, no wonder we marvel at how complex God made us…Peace be unto you!

  2. I love this, Sam. As I writer, sometimes I’ve struggled with all the other hats I wear, and with being afraid to call myself one. It seems like a big thing, but I write, and I care deeply about it, and that is what I am. Being a writer is a process, and I don’t think we ever arrive.
    So much the better for the journey.

    1. Thank you, Miss Cara. I completely agree. We never arrive. Writing is never finished because it is really an interaction between writers and readers forever.

      1. Isn’t that a marvelous thing!
        I’m looking forward to many more interactions in the future.

      2. I don’t think we ever notice many of those interactions. I love how people can read what we write, can be touched, but never respond verbally. Pay it forward!

      3. Sorry to hijack your thread here, but I love this concept. Every once in a while, I’ll get a comment or an email and have had no idea that this person was a reader. It’s humbling, and very cool. But for each of those people, I know there are all sorts of others who will never comment or respond in any way.
        Pay it forward indeed!

      4. This is exactly what I’m talking about, Cara! No hijacking required. I love the dialogue, especially about something like this. It’s amazing to me to see the number of people who view a particular post, and it gets me wondering why that post itself was so intriguing, how it struck a chord with them, what they think even if they don’t respond. The same is true even more of my books. People purchase them, but what do they think? The blog is instantaneous, though, which is so crazy to think about people reading something the second after I’ve posted it!

        You always make me think, and that’s a great thing, Cara!

      5. Agreed. The dialogue is the fun part, where you get to see what people think of the things you came up with in the quiet of your own heart (hopefully inspired by God).
        I love that too. Sometimes my least viewed posts are the ones that get a lot of comments, and my most viewed ones don’t get any.
        I’ve been thinking about that with books lately. Blogs are all about dialogue and community, and books are much more solo endeavors. Food for thought.

        I’m glad I make you think, that makes me very happy!

      6. Funny how that happens. Some things we say just inspire commentary and others simply inspire reading, and that’s okay. I love to think.that my words can get someone introspective. They certainly get me that way.

        As for books, that’s why I like reading reviews on Amazon, because it helps to see some of those reactions you wouldn’t normally see as an author. You know, of books. Lol.

        And I’m glad you’re glad. 🙂

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