Dreaming in Color

She dreams in blue
Pale shades coalescing
Blending to form new ones
Uniquely enchanting
Dancing with abandon
In a dress to match
Moods calm and clear
Functionally bereft
Like art put on display
As dark as night’s shadow
Cocksure and nimble
She scales the castle wall
Trying not to fall
Yearning for understanding
And finding none

She dreams in red
A flaming, fiery desire
To make them truly see
The inner turmoil she hides
As the night turns to day
Shifting tides of fear
And pale acceptance
One after the other
Endlessly fading in and out
Lost in her soul’s embrace
Built brick by brick
The castle wall so thick
Now crumbling away
To reveal her true self

Outlined in the prism
On the cold sidewalk.



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